Playing wtih Flavors: Matcha & Coffee

23 Feb

I have two focuses on my second try on macarons back in December: One is texture, and two is color.

My first batch turned out okay but not great, it was chewier than I wanted it, which means I overbaked it a bit. Since I have a feel on how the process works now, I want to try making different flavor ones. My three favorite macaron flavors are hazelnut, matcha and coffee. With just matcha and coffee powder on hands, I decided to try those two.

The batter was still a bit running, thus most of them didn’t turn out as round as I want them to be.

The flavors turned out great, and what I love more about these two flavors is that the powder gives the macaron natural coloring. I did not need to add any food colorings at all.


One Response to “Playing wtih Flavors: Matcha & Coffee”

  1. ipomoeafilms February 27, 2012 at 11:13 am #

    I love matcha & coffee flavor! Your macarons look great!

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