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Happy Macaron Day!

20 Mar

Woohoo! It’s finally here, Macaron Day! Sooo…if I were in New York or Paris, I would be getting some free or discounted macarons right now, but I’m at neither. Aww.

I just got off work, and I am nowhere near a macaron shop or a bakery that sell macaron. I feel like I really should have one just for this day. What to do? Luckily, I have a few leftover chili chocolate shells, but I have no buttercream or ganache. I’m so tired that I don’t want mix up anything and clean up after either. Now what? Quick! Think of plan B! I opened the refrigerator and guess what, I have a pint of cappucino gelato in the freezer…score!

I had my first ice cream macaron cookie few years ago at Milk in LA. They put them all in a skinny tall see-through freezer. I stared and stared, and took forever to choose one flavor to eat at the shop. I ended up with the grasshopper one– it was delicious!!

Anyhow, cheers to Macaron Day with my chili chocolate macaron and cappucino ice cream sandwich, and a large cup of hot coffee!

Oh yeah, I sprinkled a dash of fresh ground coffee for that bitter coffee taste on the shell. You can also sprinkle them on top of the ice cream.

Have you ever had something cold and then hot right away? I took a bite of this and then had a gulp of coffee. Everything just melts in my mouth. It’s like drinking a root beer float!

Okay, time to go wash my ice cream scooper.


Playing wtih Flavors: Matcha & Coffee

23 Feb

I have two focuses on my second try on macarons back in December: One is texture, and two is color.

My first batch turned out okay but not great, it was chewier than I wanted it, which means I overbaked it a bit. Since I have a feel on how the process works now, I want to try making different flavor ones. My three favorite macaron flavors are hazelnut, matcha and coffee. With just matcha and coffee powder on hands, I decided to try those two.

The batter was still a bit running, thus most of them didn’t turn out as round as I want them to be.

The flavors turned out great, and what I love more about these two flavors is that the powder gives the macaron natural coloring. I did not need to add any food colorings at all.