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Pierre Herme’s Macarons!

30 Apr

My good friend Mei went to London for work recently. I ask her if she can bring me back some Pierre Herme’s macaron (if she doesn’t mind and has the time to stop by the boutique).  Ahh! The day after she returned, she stopped by with them! A whole box of 12.

The box is silky red. I felt it and looked at it, as if there are magic inside! Mei said they charge extra for the box. I plan to keep the box and set it aside with my Laduree one.

Unlike Laduree, Pierre Herme placed a plastic holder in the box, on top and under the macarons, securing them.

I couldn’t resist and didn’t wait for my first one to reach room temperature. Just from one bite, I can tell it’s not super sweet, and it’s to my liking. I brought the second one to room temperature, and omg, it was divine! Super chewy, the buttercream was velvety.

I cannot express how happy and thankful that Mei brought these back for me. I don’t think I’m visiting London anytime soon. So, it means a lot to me to able to try his macarons without paying a lot for shipping and have the box go to a lot of postal handling.


Let the Countdown Begins!

17 Mar

Thanks to pastry chef extradionaire Pierre Hermes, a National Macaron Day was established for March 20th a few years ago (except for Australia, which is on November 6th, we shall celebrate that later too)!

To celebrate, I am going to think of all the macaron activity I can do in counting down for this special day!


In addition to purchasing the Laduree Sucre book recently, I just added his macaron book, Macarons, to my macarons and cookbook collection in honor of Pierre Herme!

Can’t wait until it comes!